Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tim and Eric -- The Loft - Nov. 10th

I wouldn't say Tim and Eric are an acquired taste. I mean, you either get it or you don't. It's stupid. It's not funny. It's retarded. It's absurd. Actually absurd is probably too hoity-toity of a word for what Tim and Eric do. For those of you with your heads in the sand, Tim and Eric have a show on Adult Swim late at night called Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job! Each episode is, like, two seconds long. The show mainly exists as a parody of '80s culture, infomercials and music videos. Lots of singing and dancing. It's completely gay and I love it. The touring version made it's way to Dallas last week at the Loft over on Lamar. We all went. It was totally overcrowded. I couldn't see a thing. They started with a seven minute skit that involved them dancing around in skin-tight leotards with gigantic penises chanting "Diarrhea." I did laugh when the fellas, dressed as Papa John's employees, threw a slice of pie all the way over the crowd into the back and into Ricki Derek who was standing in front of me. Lindsay Weatherread was completely bored and told me at one point that she hated me. My friend Matt Leer was hounded throughout the night by young fans who thought he WAS Eric Wearheim. I dragged Matt up to the stage after the show and had a photo snapped of two. You be the judge.

Butthole Surfers - Oct 22 - Granada Theater

I'm so far behind. I haven't updated this thing in a while which makes me sad. But I wanted to take some time to post a few items for that in a few years maybe I'll remember them. The Butthole Surfers concert at the Granada here in Dallas on Oct 22, 2008 is just the type of thing I'm thinking about.

When I found out that the Surfers were playing a series of shows with their classic late '80s line-up (Gibby Haynes, Paul Leary, Jeff Pinkus and the twin drumming of King Koffee and Theresa Taylor), I was stoked. I managed to order tickets online three days before they officially went on sale. I had so much going on in October that I really didn't have much time to get excited about the show however. The Granada is not one of my favorite venues to see a band. I take that back. It's a great place to "see" a band but it's an awful place to hear a band. It's an old movie theater that I used to actually see movies in back in the day. The conversion to a live music palace was apparently little more than sticking some speakers above the stage. Sound vibrates off the bare walls and around the auditorium creating an echo-chamber effect.

Holly Tamale and I arrived early for the show and since it was on a freakin' Wednesday night parking was not a problem. I didn't recognize many people at the show. There were a lot of old-timers -- dudes and dudettes who don't really go out to shows anymore. I did see Jack with One Eye/Tomorrowpeople drummer/old friend Ben Burt there. We shared a laugh. I managed to drink a few beers but kept it rather sedate -- a far cry from the days of yore when a Butthole Surfers show meant a night of debauchery. But I did mention that this was on a Wednesday, right?

Some technical glitches spoiled the reveal of the band. While they droned on with "22 Going on 23," the show's visual portion was derailed by malfunctioning connections. After a while, things gelled. It was one hit after another. Seriously, I've seen the group several time previously but this time, they really did play almost everything I wanted to hear! Except "Sweatloaf." They even played their version of R.E.M's "The One I Love." I felt like I was in the middle of a recording session of DOUBLE LIVE. We stayed for the whole two hours and I wanted more. I couldn't hear Leary's guitar for shit but everything else sounded real good. Dated? I dunno. There was a sludgey vibe throughout everything. I think one could make a very good case that the Butthole Surfers were the deadbeat daddies of grunge. Or one of the gene donors, anyway.

After the show, Holly and I made our way to the parking lot and who do we spy but none other than Gibby Haynes himself. Snapped a few photos with Gibby and Holly together. The iPhone's lack of a flash prevented me from getting anything really good but there ya go...