Friday, October 14, 2011

BBQ Deluxe - Baby Back Shak

I don't often rhapsodize about BBQ here in Dallas. I guess the fact is that I've never really supped at the table of any truly great BBQ joints in this burg. Oh yeah, there's always been a myth that Texas' greatest contribution to international cuisine is BBQ but despite the PR and the locally-based chains, most of the stuff in this city falls pretty flat.

Let me eat my words. Or rather, let me eat these ribs. I found the mecca of Dallas BBQ. Hell, I found the best restaurant IN Dallas. Yes, folks, I'm talking Akard St's incredible BABY BACK SHAK. Caveat -- this shak bills itself as "Memphis-Style" BBQ. And that's obviously not in Texas. So what? Sink your teeth into the tender, dry-rubbed meat and you'll get a glimpse into what a crack-addict might feel like. You gotta get another bite. Somehow. Someway. Soon-to-be-wife told me I was moaning and dreaming about ribs the other night while I was biting the sheets -- had to be Baby Back Shak.

Boudain is a side dish. The Shak Beans are fierce. Three people could fill their bellies up with a two-meat meal. Food comes "To Go" (read Styrofoam container) whether you eat inside the claustrophobic interior or take away. I like to eat there. There's plenty of paper napkins. Not open at night. It's behind Lee Harvey's. Go. Love the BBQ.

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